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Need some help with homework?

The Metro Area County Libraries have built a variety of online tutoring programs that are fully funded by grants, meaning it won't cost you a dime. Geared towards students starting from third grade and beyond, this program provides convenient academic assistance to learners. To get in on the action, all you need is a library card.

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STEM Apps at-home Resources
Quiver App Icon
Quiver is an augmented reality app that allows you to download, print, and color a coloring page. After, you use the app to make your coloring come to life! There are many free coloring pages available.
Robot Maker App

Robot Maker is a free app available in the app store. This app allows your student to create their own robots, solve robot puzzles, and color different robot coloring pages. It is a great app to include engineering into their day virtually. This app is appropriate for younger students.

Play and Learn Science App

Play and Learn Science is a great app for younger students to explore science. It was created by PBS kids and allows your child to investigate different science topics such as weather, temperature, shadows, and much more! This app is appropriate for students in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

Builds That! is another app created by PBS kids. This app explores science with the Cat in the Hat. Children can build slides to explore friction, build bridges, and sort different objects. This is appropriate for kindergarten-age students.

Solar Walk is one of the apps we have been using in 3rd grade. This app allows students to transport themselves into space. They are able to explore the different planets, stars, and moons. It is a fun, interactive way to learn more about our solar system.

Another app we have been using is Planetary. This app uses the power of augmented reality to bring planets, asteroids, and spacecrafts to life. Your child can explore the inside of a spacecraft with Planetary. The app requires a back-facing camera, and the PlanetARy sheets to be printed (can be done through the app).

Chromville is a fun, interactive app that also uses augmented reality (AR) technology. This app has students color sheets and answers questions. Once they open the app they are able to show the camera on the worksheet and play a fun game related to their work! We have used this in 2nd grade.

If you are wanting to practice multiplication with your student, but do not have the flashcards this is the app for you. Free to download, Multiplication Flashcards is a great app to use at home to ensure your child is remembering their multiplication skills.

Another great, free programming app is Robot School: Programming for kids. This app allows your child to plug in directions to program a robot. It is a fun way to practice coding in a game-like environment.

NASA Visualization Explorer App

The Nasa Visualization Explorer is a great resource for space-loving students! If your students can’t get enough of space-based research, this app lets them explore earth and the entire solar system through the eyes of their fleet of research spacecraft.